Social Justice SUPPORT

Soul Soup is proud to support the following social justice non profits:



I was luck enough to be member of this church when I lived in New York City. For a brief time I sang in the gospel choir! Middle Church showed me radical love in action. Led by Reverend Jacquie Lewis, the congregation puts its money where its mouth is. My first experience with their social justice team, was when Puerto Rico had suffered a terrible hurricane. They were without electricity and water. The US government was short on providing relief, but a Middle parishioner lent his private jet to Middle's Social Justice team (this is Manhattan after all) and they flew water, food and supplies to our fellows in crisis. Charter buses met the team at the airport. They physically brought supplies to those in need ... themselves. This is the kind of on- the- ground work they do. From protesting to legislating, you can frequently see Rev. Jacquie on the news speaking on racial justice. I feel grateful for the opportunity to support them through my Love is Bigger merchandise.