Creativity Coaching

"Working with Kristen is comparable
to the best coaches
 in the world."

- Chris Steinborn - Former MLB Player / Professional Hitting Coach

Private Creativity Coaching

This high-intensity session will address acute challenges you are facing and provide creative strategies to help you move through them. This consultation will take place in person or via Zoom.  

One Hour Personalized Coaching $250


Working in tandem on a regular basis gets big results. This package is not for everyone. High performers who choose this option should be motivated to elevate their lives for a higher calling. We will cut to the chase, remove false beliefs and get to the HEART of the matter.  Participation is a dedicated consecutive 30-day time commitment. Lessons are sent via email in easy to understand short exercises. Coaching is one on one weekly Zoom conversation — text and talk in between.

30-Day Consulting Package $995.00

Time Investment:

Daily:     30 consecutive mornings/ 15 minutes

Weekly: One centering and/or creative exercise (30 mins), One 50 minute personal one on one phone coaching with Kristen

This is a game changing relationship. Are you ready to move to the next level to create an inspired legacy?

"Within minutes of my first conversation with Kristen I felt something shift. After getting off the phone with her, I moved through a mental hurdle that had been blocking me for years. I couldn't believe it! I texted her right away." Steve Stemle, Former MLB Pitcher 


Why Does Kristen Work With Athletes? 

As a professional artist with an international following, I have a unique understanding of high performing athletes. We both live in an all or nothing world. We both crave creative expression. We both become whole in the "zone." We push ourselves to eclipse new barriers under the scrutiny of the public eye. I am passionate about helping high performers return to the soul-filled place of their original inspiration. I believe that athletes are inherently creative professionals.

Utilizing over twenty years of experience as an artist, author, entrepreneur, and recovery coach, I help guide players from accomplished technicians back into inspired athletes.

My program, THE ART OF THE ATHLETE, facilitates a path to a sustainable "zone" by using drawing, meditation, and metaphysical principles to reengage the heart.

While experiencing ... a renewed sense of energy, integrity, purpose, and creative problem-solving.

Less: isolation, anger, depression, and anxiety.

Improved: relationships, clarity, and more internal balance.

Clients are also improving:
Timing, balance and confidence, eye alignment, flexibility of eye movements, speed of focusing, speed of visual processing, reaction time, visual concentration, hand/eye coordination, depth perception, positive/negative interpretation, short term memory, linear perspective.

Soul-fuel is necessary for providing consistent excellence. Willpower and discipline alone cannot sustain the level of peak performance that elite athletes must continually generate. A body has limits. An unencumbered spirit, however, is limitless.

An athlete who plays from the heart has the potential to change the world. Through THE ART OF THE ATHLETE, we ignite the power that is untouchable by the outside world.

Ready to go? Email to set up a consultation. 

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Do I have to be an athlete to work with Kristen?

Not at all! You just have to be committed to moving forward. Call today!
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