Humble Brags

A few toot, toot, toots! So grateful for the kind words, and the inspirational people I've been lucky enough rub shoulders with over the years.  



“Jongen’s work is that wise friend who sees straight through your center, and is brave enough to escort you out of your comfort zone towards healing.” - Carine McCandless, author of The Wild Truth, the New York Times bestselling follow-up to Into the Wild

“Growing Wings saved me.”  Margot Micaleff CEO of Oliver Capitol Partners and Gabriellas Kitchen

“Kristen Jongen has a writers voice that sounds from the rooftops. She has guts and a spirit that just won’t quit!” - Diane Wilson, Author of An Unreasonable Women and Co-Founder of Code-Pink. 

Marianne Williamson


Creativity Coaching

“Kristen's unique understanding of sports and athletics makes her the obvious choice for us, however, it was her vision as an artist that gives us the cutting edge.” Adam Schriber, Top 100 Golf Coach

“Kristens insight is comparable to the best athletic coaches in the world. Just the sound of her voice calms me down. She helped me to press the reset button on my life. I will forever be grateful to Kristen!  Chris Steinborn, Professional Baseball Player/ Hitting Coach


Within minutes of my first conversation with Kristen, I felt something shift. I was shocked! After getting off the phone, I was able to move through an emotional hurdle that had been blocking me for years It just came pouring out! I texted her right away.” Steve Stemle, Former MLB Pitcher

“Getting in touch with Kristen was one of the most beneficial things I have done in my pro career." Zach Miskovic, Professional Hockey Player


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