Speaking Style: Genuine. Sassy. Inspiring.
Expertise: Elite Performance, Creativity, Spirituality, Corporate Wellness, Substance Abuse

Contact: info@mysoulsoup.com

As an internationally recognized artist, writer, and speaker, Kristen Jongen engages high performers with candor and enthusiasm about using creativity as a portal to access sustainable power. A guiding light through the "in-between" spaces of life's emotional crucifixions and pending resurrections, Kristen speaks with frank humor about lurking shadows in the vortex of transition. Using a layman's overview of the neuroscience of creativity, Kristen teaches us how to ignite our creative spirit and light our lives from the inside out. Through her own personal story of recovery, she encourages audiences to build confidence by contributing to a GREATER solution. Men and women alike are invigorated by her honesty and deep perspective of grace, truth-telling, and acceptance. She leaves audiences feeling empowered and inspired.

Kristen Jongen is the voice and soul behind Soul Soup, Inc., her company that features inspirational paintings, prints, books, and greeting cards. She has authored two books. Her work has been featured in The New York TimesChicago Tribune, Huff Postand many other North American publications. Kristen is a monthly columnist for New York City’s W42st magazine and has a weekly podcast entitled Sober in the City.

Kristen travels from Chicago, IL.

To contact Kristen email: info@mysoulsoup.com

"Kristen's book Growing Wings saved me." Margot Micallef, CEO Oliver Capital Partners